Sunshine Food Co-Op

The Sunshine Food Co-Op is a natural foods buying club based in and around the Annapolis/Broadneck area of Anne Arundel County, Maryland, USA. Basically, we're a group which orders a pallet of grocery stuff from a distributor every 4 weeks. A very wide selection of products is available, including grocery items, refrigerated and frozen foods, nutritional supplements and some other things (cleaning supplies, personal care products, etc). The emphasis is on "natural" products including many organic items and products used by those on special diets. We buy in bulk, so most products are bought by the case or bulk bag, but members often split cases. We receive a volume discount from the distributor; a small part of this is retained by the co-op to cover organizational costs.

More about the co-op

  • Overview

    About the co-op - orientation information and a summary of how we do business.

  • Calendar

    Calendar of order and delivery dates

For Members

  • Member Guide: Detailed description of the workings of the co-op. (Replaces our now-defunct wiki.)

  • UNFI Eastern Region orders website. If that link won't let you log in, go to the main UNFI page and hit the login (on the right) using "Customer" and "Eastern Region." Accounts on the orders site are set up and managed by Sunshine coordinators, not by United Natural Foods.


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